Monday, September 23, 2013

Monetize Your Proxy Site

Using our previous blog regarding making your own proxy site, you have made a proxy site. Then you have submitted your site to proxy lists and search engines as discussed in our blog. Now, you must be wondering how to earn from your proxy site. This blog will help you in this respect.

Online advertisements have various payments models. The most common ones are CPM or PPV, CPC and CPA.

Under CPM / PPV, you are paid a specified amount for every 1,000 adverts displayed at your website.

Under CPC, you are paid as per number of clicks made by your website visitors on the advertisements. The number of times advertisement is displayed is irrelevant here. The number of times advertisement is clicked is payable. The rate here is higher than CPC.

The CPA model pays when a particular action is taken by the visitor who clicked on the advertisement. This action may be registration for a service / site by giving email and / or other details. The action could be downloading and installing a software. The rate of payment is the highest in this model.

In every model, the rate also varies as per country of the visitor. Advertisers usually have different tiers. Each tier consists of various countries to which a particular rate of payment is applicable. Or, rate for individual coutries may be specified. For example, which is a good CPM Advertiser always paying on time, has the following CPM rates:

USA $0.60
UK $0.28
Austria $0.10
etc, etc

Besides the payment models, advertisements are also of different types such as banners, pop ups, pop unders, intersitial page, word links, etc.

Banners are simple pictures or media of various fixed sizes which are placed suitably on your web pages.

Pop Ups are widows that pop up in front of the current window the user is browsing.

Pop Unders are like Pop Ups, but these open in the backgroud not in front of the current window. These bother the user less.

Interstitial page is a page which the user has to see before opening of the required page.

Word Links convert words / phrases on your webpage into links. When the user brings mouse on it, a small tooltip type bubble shows relevant adverts which the user may click. These are usually only CPC.

Now, with a brief introduction to payment models and advertisement types, lets see what advertisement options are there for a Proxy site.

Proxy users are interested in particular websites whcih they cannot open through their existing internet connection. As such their focus is their required site and they usually give too little attention to advertisements. As such the best model for proxy websites is the CPM model where you would be paid only for displaying the advertisements.

I list below a few CPM advertisers through whom I have been receiving payments regularly for their advertisements on my Proxy sites. The internet is full of scams. Many advertisers offering high rates do not pay. As such, only tried and tested advertisers should be used.





They have bot banner ads and pop up / pop unders. They also have low payout limit meaning that your small earnings will be transferred to your PayPal account. You dont have to earn hundreds of dollars before being paid like many other advertisers. Just $5 can be recieved into PayPal account. One of these even allows $0.5 to be transferred to PayPal.

So, don't wait, start earning today!!

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