Friday, September 20, 2013

Get Visitors to Your Site

Here we will look at various ways to inform search engines about your website and create links (backlinks) to your website. The purpose is to get your site listed in search engines, improve its visibility in search results and ultimately get visitors to your site.

Site Map:

The first thing to do after creating a site is to submit it to search engines. For this purpose, create a Sitemap of your site. Sitemap lists URLs of all the pages on your website, their date of modification, modification frequency, etc. This information helps the search engines to crawl your website. There are many free online sitemap generation sites such as:
xml sitemap

Input your site URL. You can generally leave the options to their defaults. Download the generated sitemap.xml file and upload it to your sites root folder.

Ping Search Engines:

Now you have to tell the search engines about your site and its sitemap. This is called pinging the search engines. For this purpose also there are many free websites such as:
Ping sitemap

By the way you can do it manually too. If you are interested, following are the codes for major search engines:


Bing / MSN / Yahoo:


Just open this URL in your browser and you will get the acknowledgment of submission. 
ping search engine

Similarly, there are services which submit your site to many search engines for free. Utilize any one of these services to submit your site to many search engines.
submit site to search engine

Whois Sites:

There are sites which maintain record, statistics and analytical data of all the websites. Informing them of your newly created website is also beneficial. Once again, free online tools do this for you.

All the above is mostly automated. Now come the steps requiring more manual action and time.

Niche Directories / URL Exchange:

Submit your website URL to directories and URL exchanges relevant to your site subject. For example, if you have created your own Proxy site using our previous post, you can submit your URL to Proxy Lists such as the following and many more:

Forum Comments / Answers to Questions:

answer questions online

Participate in different forums and post comments there. Make your website URL part of your signature so that every comment contains it.Where possible, use HTML tag to enclose your URL in keywords.

<a href="http://yoursiteaddress">Keyword(s)</a>

Don't just spam the forums. Comment meaningfully.

Answer questions on Yahoo Answers and Again give your site URL in your signature.

The links you thus create make search engines to move you up in their listings.

Social Website:

Use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Join groups, participate actively and always include your website URL in your writings and registrations.
social media

Within a few months, your website will start getting reasonable number of visitors.

In the meantime, you need to register with good Advertisers to get advertisements to be shown on your website to make you some money. This topic will be covered in a coming blog. By the way, most advertisers pay your through PayPal. If you are in a PayPal unsupported country, open your PayPal account using the easy steps given in our post regarding Verified PayPal Account in Unsupported Countries.

Till then, propogate your website URL!!!

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