Monday, September 30, 2013

Google Adsense - How To Get Approval

Refer to my previous post in which I recommended a few high paying CPM advertisers. However, over there I did not tell you that in the virtual world of Internet, Google's Adsense is the king of Advertising. But getting approved for Google Adsense is not an easy task and it is becoming more and more difficult every day. This is because:

1. The number of Publisher websites are increasing at a much faster rate than the number of Advertisers.
2. Google wants that the Ads placed through it are displayed on:
  • high quality websites
  • websites having reasonable visitors
  • websites having visitors from search engine queries
  • websites having original content not copied content
  • websites which have content not just pictures and movies that fill most of the pages 
3. Google also dislikes bad English, grammar mistakes, incomplete sentences and things like that.
4. Design mistakes, HTML problems also effect Google.

So, in order to get your Publisher account with Google Adsense, you have to take care of many things. A brief of these factors is given below:

Number of Pages: 

Your site must not be a one or a few pager. It should have sufficient pages so that Google can crawl and determine what types of advertisements can be displayed on these. If your site is a blog, dont apply before writing less than 35 blogs posts, each containing atleast 300 words.

Site Structure: 

The site's navigation should be easy for the visitor. There should be no broken links.

Google Webmasters: 

The site should have been verified through Google Webmasters as your own. Login to with Gmail ID and add your website and follow the instructions to verify. 


Your site should have a sitempap.xml file which is used by the search engine crawlers to navigate through your site. This file is also used for Google Webmasters verification. There are many free sitemap creation sites such as:

Some Required Pages: 

Your site should have pages for Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Usage and most importantly for Contact.

Site Age: 

Dont just apply for Google Adsense on the next day of launching your site. Your site should be atleast a few months old.

Site Domain: 

Preferable your site should be hosted on your own domain not a subdomain. These days getting a domain name only costs around $10.


A few thousand unique visitors per month is necessary. Google will not approve you if you dont have enough visitors. How much is enough for Google is not fixed. This would depend on other characteristics of the site. But it is clear that the number of unique visitors per month should be in thousands.

Original Content: 

Google is too smart in recognizing copied content. So be very cautious in this respect. Never copy anything. Write your own content. And remember, sites containing just pictures and animations don't get approved.

When you apply for Google Adsense, keeping in view these requirements, your chances of getting approval are quite high.

Happy earning on the Net!!

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