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PayPal - Verified Account for Unsupported Countries


PayPal for Unsupported Countries
PayPal is the most favored payment and reciept system on the internet. Maximum online shops and other businesses support it for recieving payments for items / services / membership purchased from them. Similarly, when a website is to pay you, PayPal is again the most usual medium.

So, if you intend to do transactions or any type of business on the internet, you must have PayPal account. But there are a few coutries which are not supported by PayPal. Residents of these countries (such as Ghana, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, etc) can not open PayPal accounts. What should they do then?

There is a easy way for PayPal unsupported country residents to open fully functional PayPal accounts. It involves four simple steps:

PayPal for Unsupported Countries:

1. Apply for Free Master Card from Payoneer:


Payoneer is another leading company related to online transactions. It provides you with a Master Card and US Bank Account totally free. This US account can be used to open and verify PayPal account.

So, go ahead and apply for free Payoneer Master Card using this link. Payoneer Free Master Card and US Bank Account with $25 Reward.Use of this link will make both of us eligile for $25 reward. Use your correct particulars at Payoneer. Don't worry, these will not be available to PayPal. You need to give correct particulars because your free Master Card will be delivered to you at your address.

Once applied, Payoneer will approve your application in a few days and inform you through email that your free Master Card is being posted to you.

2. Activate Your Free Master Card:


The card usually arrives much sooner than the time given by Payoneer in their email. Just wait for its arrival. Activate it and select PIN code for it on the Payoneer website. Simple instructions are available in their letter accompanying the free Master Card.

3. US Payments Services / Bank Account:


Within a few days of approval of your card, Payoneer will again email you that you can also utilize their US Payments Service. However, you should wait for your card to arrive and activated. Even if they dont email you, just login to their website after recieving the Free Master Card and activating it and apply for US Payments Services.

They will ask for the source of your online income. Answer with details of your website or ebay account, etc. Your US Payment Services will be approved soon and you will be provided with details of your US Bank Account.

You now have an International Master Card and a US Bank Account. All for free! Now you are ready for PayPal.

4. Open PayPal Account:


Access PayPal website preferably through a US Proxy such as this. US Proxy. Simultaneously, open the site and generate a US name address and other details with the click of a button. Use these exact details for opening PayPal account giving your country as US.

5. Verify Your PayPal Account:


Once opened, PayPal requires you to verify the account in order to be able to recieve and pay through PayPal.

Login to your account and click the "Get Verified" link and select verification through Bank Account out of the two options. Give the details of Bank Account provided by Payoneer.

In 2-3 days, PayPal will deposit two small amounts (less than $1) into your account. Payoneer will email you when you recieve amounts in your Master Card / Bank Account. Note down the exact amounts deposited by PayPal. These can also be seen by logging into your Payoneer Account.

Once again go the the "Get Verified" link on PayPal website and enter the two amounts.

Thats it. You now have a verified PayPal Account.

Some Precautions:


Dont login to PayPal unnecessarily.
Use US Proxy for accessing PayPal. US Proxy.
Dont raise a dispute in PayPal or they will want to contact you over phone or deliver mail to your fake US address.

Happy Internet Business!!!

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